Compatibility QA

Even at this moment, devices with new features are being released, and are working with current devices to create a new environment. Leave the QA to the experts who will constantly work to build and deal with complex environments through a variety of accumulated experience and knowledge.
QROAD has its own smart devices from various manufacturers to verify compatibility. QROAD ensures compatibility under any conditions by completing various tasks to create a DB for numerous test environments.


Possessing the Most Devices in Korea

With approximately 600 devices, all devices in Korea can be checked for compatibility

Device Performance Test

Making use of testing tools to provide essential information for optimization, including frame, heat, CPU usage, and etc.

Providing Customization Testing

Detailed results are provided by sorting them into separate categories at the request of the customers, such as OS, version, and special features, and etc.


STEP 1 : QA Environment Setting

We select devices based on the specifications requested by the customer and usage patterns in the service target area.

STEP 2 : Proceed with tests

Uses a test case based on a DB that's formed from analyzing and organizing various errors. This test case not only manages the progress and success rates, but also shares its progress as well.

STEP 3 : QA Result Report

Share accurate results and diagnostics by identifying bugs, potential risks. In addition, we add detailed expert opinions for each instance.



Performed pre-compatiblity QA to ensure a reliable launch of Lilith Games flagship games

Galaxy device

Performed QA for continuous performance improvements of Samsung's new Galaxy series

Zero Games

Performed pre-compatible QA to ensure a stable launch of newly developed games

DMM Games korea
Koihime Musō

Performed customization compatibility QA in order to apply the latest version of the OS

Ebook viewer

Performed pre-compatible QA to ensure a reliable launch of a new Ebook viewer from YES24