Customer Service

We can resolve customer grievances and increase customer satisfaction through prompt and clear responses, and provide superior service through various VOCs received through inquiries. High-quality customer services contribute to extending the life span of a game and its competitiveness, while also increasing customer satisfaction.
Through customer service experiences accumulated by servicing more than 200 games, QROAD has maintained a high response rate of 95% or more and continues to receive positive reviews from customers.


Abundant of CS Experience

Secured CS experience/data for several games ranked top 5 in the Google Games sales

Continuous Quality Management

Training and monitoring the quality of dealing with user complaints, and preventing miscommunication

VIP Management System

Separate management of VIP customers


STEP 1 : Response Method Planning

Estimate the type of inquiries that are expected to occur frequently, based on game play data. Based on data, we come up with a handling method and response.

STEP 2 : Service Launching

Make sure of a response guide that takes into account various situations to minimize risk, and maximize customer satisfaction.

STEP 3 : Service Stabilization

VOCs received after launch will be used as analysis data to provide better service to customers.



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