Functions QA

Unintentionally generated errors and hidden fatal failures during the game or software development can make or break the project.
QA, one of the fundamentals of a project!
We will analyze and validate things from the perspective of experts to ensure that things are implemented according to the plan. Leave the QA to our experts who have a database that analyzes and organizes countless errors and can consider even unpredictable variables. We promise you the best quality from start to finish to provide you with peace of mind.



Share work progress according to the QA process at each stage

Detailed Test Design

Increase the likelihood of bug detection by adding negative, abuse, and critical cases along with valid cases

Providing Pre-trend Analysis Function

Analyzes the status of bugs that occur and predicts in advance to give an estimate of a response time.


STEP 1 : QA Environment Setting

Design an optimized testing environment for services and situations, by diagnosing current or completed development contents and service statuses.

STEP 2 : Proceed with tests

Uses a test case based on a DB that's formed from analyzing and organizing various errors. This test case not only manages the progress and success rates, but also shares its progress as well.

STEP 3 : QA Result Report

Share accurate results and diagnostics by identifying bugs, potential risks. In addition, we add detailed expert opinions for each instance.


NC soft

QA for a reliable launch of the NCSoft mobile game and live service functions


QA for the popular PC game, PUBG, in various console environments

Black Desert Mobile

QA prior to the launch of the MMORPG Black Desert M

Galaxy device

Perform performance & solution QA with the purpose of improving the performance of Galaxy devices

Tiving maintenance QA

QA for the integrated maintenance functions aimed at improving the functions of the platform