Game Operation

Even if players play the same game, a user's satisfaction will vary depending on the operation of the game. By accurately delivering content and information and quickly catching game and user issues, you can minimize complaints and maximize enjoyment.
Professionals with game knowledge and data analysis capabilities will manage game service risk, and provide a variety of operational services to maximize a user's enjoyment.


Enlisting Experts

Recruiting gaming operations experts in different platforms and genres

Customized Operations

Proposing and executing plans, events, and etc. depending on game genre and user preference, and etc.

Proactive Risk Management

Establishing policies to deal with unforeseen situations, and mediate and resolve disputes


STEP 1 : Game Analysis

Perform preliminary analysis before launching the game, such as game play, target user, user play pattern, and etc.

STEP 2 : Establish Operation Strategy

The operation strategy is to positively influence the game indexes by combining the results obtained through analysis, VOC, and market environment.

STEP 3 : Operation

We provide services for games in accordance with the operation strategy and collaborate with our customers to ensure smooth operations, such as creative events and rebalancing proposals to extend a game's life span.



Management of Blade, Hero, Lost Kingdom, and etc.

BluePotion Games

Management of the MMORPG mobile game EOS RED

Zero Games

Management of the MMORPG mobile game RO

WEMADE Service

Mobile game management of ICARUS M etc, including operations planning and push notification management

Yulgang M

Launch and live service management, such as operations planning and push notification management