Localization QA

There are many different countries all around the world with various cultures and environments, which could lead to unexpected issues. If you are planning to launch services in other regions, localization QA is an essential step in providing a smooth service and avoiding issues in advance.
If you are planning to enter the overseas market or target the Korean market, leave the localization QA to a highly experienced polishing expert. Through detailed analysis and verification, we can provide the best localization model for the target region.


폴리싱 TO 폴리싱

The polished language is polished even further to match the local culture

Service for Forbidden Words

Prevent potential problems by applying a list of forbidden words that are organized by QROAD

Provide Cultural QA

Prevent cultural issues in advance through tests that take into account the tendencies or behaviors of the target countries.


STEP 1 : QA Environment Setting

Design test environments and cases that are optimized for the culture of the target area as well as the tendencies of the resident users.

STEP 2 : Proceed with tests

Perform the first polishing test based on the script, verify it, and then perform the second polishing test based on the first test case for a more complete QA.

STEP 3 : QA Result Report

Share accurate results and diagnostics by identifying potential risks. In addition, we add detailed expert opinions for each instance.


Devil Crasher

Performed localization QA for Southeast Asia launch

Kingdom Craft

Performed localization QA for Korean services launch

Golf Clash

Performed secondary localization QA to increase completion of the Korean service launch after the North America launch.

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils M.etc

Performed localization QA for the Korean launch of games that are currently live in China

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon M

Performed localization QA for Korean re-launch of games that are currently live in Taiwan