Market policies QA

Because of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store's impact on the mobile market. there are a large number of applications requesting registration. All service providers must comply with Google and Apple's criteria to be selected for registration. Unfortunately these standards are very particular and ever changing, and often times many applications fail to register.
Leave the market inspection QA to experts who can provide detailed explanations on the inspection criteria for being featured in each market. Failure rates are significantly reduced when you can make use of the vast amounts of data gained from deciphering the complicated reasons given for rejection.


Abundant Experience and Knowledge

Pinpoint potential reasons for rejection in advance through a special test case based on multiple case analyses

Up-to-date Real-time Guidance

Check the ever-changing market inspection standards and apply the updated inspection standards

Visualized Guidelines

Provide visualized data in response to unclear rejection guidelines


STEP 1 : QA Environment Setting

Design an optimized test environment in accordance with the guidelines of the market the customer wishes to register in.

STEP 2 : Proceed with tests

After conducting the 1st test based on the guidelines, carry out the 2nd test based on a reason for rejection pulled from the Qroad DB.

STEP 3 : QA Result Report

Share accurate results and diagnostics by identifying potential risks. In addition, we add detailed expert opinions for each instance.


Three kingdom Blade

Performed market inspection QA before registering with the Apple market in Korea

BluePotion Games
EOS RED Global

Performed market inspection QA before registering with Apple Market for North American launch

BNF Games
Cold War

Performed featured QA to register for the Google featured category after Korean launch

MUST games
Rogue Universe

Performed market inspection/featured QA to register with Google and Apple markets for the Russian launch

Golden Pig
Girl's Wars

Performed QA to register with Google and Apple market for the Korean and Japanese launch