High-efficiency marketing and strategy planning is a necessity for any game. We will provide you strategic consulting with a group of experienced and skilled experts.
QROAD's pre-strategic consulting offers a different level of service from the general marketing strategy planning. In order to showcase 100% of the product's USP, the content is identified in-depth, and a game contents consulting is provided to the customer togather. We will conduct on-site surveys of the selected target markets and customized campaign strategies. And dedicated managers will work together to reflect the essential needs of the customers to ensure marketing success.


Game testing by professional groups

In-depth identification of the game's contents, based on the QA capabilities and operations of the No.1 service in Korea

Contents-Based Market Survey

Researching customized content for the target market, and localization strategies to ensure a highly efficient performance

In-depth Game Consulting

BM, UI/UX consulting proposals that can be applied to real-world services, and not just to game testing


STEP 1 : Game Testing

We will use our experience from numerous years of managing games and providing QA services to identify the game's USP.

STEP 2 : Market Survey

Select the country and target with the highest chance of success, based on the results of the game testing. We will localize your system and maximize your chances of success by performing deep target research.

STEP 3 : Game Consulting

Propose customized content localization and BM, UI/UX consulting that matches the target market.



Focus group test prior to game launch: Initial departure factors, UI/UX, BM consulting

El Monster Island

System localization consulting through market research: Local market research

Good Circle
Come on Kitty

enhanced interaction with cat to enhance gameplay: UI/UX consulting

Primitive Man

Maximized awareness by selecting target countries that matched the game: Market research

bluestarworks Polypia
Planet Forest Growing

Improved the system by utilizing the perspective of users and enhancing content appeal: FGT consulting