Game Marketing

It has become especially difficult these days to control the exchange between brands and customers due to the various methods of contact. Marketing must capture the hearts of consumers, and provide consistent and appealing customer experiences.
Our dedicated team of marketing experts identifies the product's characteristics first, analyze the rapidly changing market trends and the ideal targets. On the purpose of the campaign, Produce and distribute content that will be popular with the target customers, in accordance with formulated strategies. Experts who have experienced the A/B test will manage the efficiency-based campaigns.


Establish an ROI-Based Strategy

Estimate the expected life cycle of the game, calculate LTV and customize strategy based on the target unit price.

Creative Production

Plan advertising materials to be delivered to users based by skilled game marketer.

Perform Performance-Based Campaigns

Advertise to consumers through optimized methods, and achieve the goal of the campaign.

Efficient Performance Measurement

Provide efficiency reports by statistically approaching and analyzing indicators that occur during marketing.


STEP 1 : Campaign Strategy

Based on the in-depth understanding of the content's USP, investigate the target market trends in order to form a customized campaign strategy.

STEP 2 : Execute Campaign (Performance)

Carry out result-oriented marketing on various globally big media such as Google, Facebook, and our Korean representative, Naver.

STEP 3 : Execute Campaign (Branding)

Produce creative materials that will leave a lasting impression on the users. Using the produced materials as a foundation, make use of the power of influencers and viral marketing.

STEP 4 : Campaign Optimization

Provide efficiency reports by statistically approaching and analyzing indicators that occur during marketing.



Performance marketing using big media like Google and YouTube: Increased inflow of customers

Caret Games

Executed marketing targeted at 'Steam', PC's representative platform: Increased inflow of customers

Handmade Games
ROOMS: The Toymaker's Mansion

Message delivery to targets through detailed targeting: Increased app purchase

LINE puzzle Everytown

Pre-marketing on pre-order apps and sites: Increased app pre-orders

Here Cantare

Brand marketing using a popular Naver webtoon IP: Increased app downloads